Monday, 18 April 2022

Series poem of Sabrina De Canio


In the circle of days

like vinyl records

we creep

under the turntable stylus.

The music

is almost never sweet

scratches and skips

are part of the package.

Our only song


ends before the end.

The B side

is not always paradise.




come and meet me

under the wing, in soft breast.

Under the branch

my silence rests.

Come and meet me

where puffs of green

embrace this evening hour.

I still count you

among what heartens me

and your summer voice,

with its rustle of stars,

makes me fly

among aerial nocturnal jellyfish.

It seems done

to lead me to secret lives.


Dalit tea

Heavy weighs the basket

of light leaves

light hangs my basket

for a child’s schooling.

How many leaves


before evening

and my sandal flies

a sole’s justice

in the face of the mighty

from one who has nothing.



I wish I could keep all the pieces together

as a stalk does its grapes,

and lose neither years nor friends,

nor long-cherished lovers,

and keep on smelling the fragrance

of my mother’s newly-washed laundry

and the aroma of her warm breakfast milk.

But this life is like bread

that breaks into crumbs at every bite;

if you put it down for a moment

whoever is clearing the table

will whisk it away.


Sabrina De Canio (Piacenza, Italy) award-winning internationally-acknowledged poet, Literature teacher, translator and co-director of Piccolo Museo della Poesia Chiesa di San Cristoforo ( Saint Christopher’s Poetry Museum), Piacenza, Italy, the only one of its kind in the world. Years spent in Africa gave rise to her underlying theme, namely, resistance to adversity. She is mentioned in several national and international anthologies. Her Libera nos a malo ( Deliver Us From Evil) was published in 2020 and awarded in 2021 at the prestigious Camaiore Festival in Italy; in the same year she was invited at Princeton Poetry Festival (USA). In Jenuary 2022 she was awarded at the Chinese Spring Poetry Festival.


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