Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Ghorsowar world wide web magazine April 2022 8th part .


Nihar Ranjan Das .
 ( India )

Daniel Noriega González
(Colombia )


I went through the relentless summer of my pain,
loaded with the trunk of my memories,
where sorrow with its eternal bond;
I remained tied to this faltering heart.

I felt love pass by, levitating in my sea of ​​wounds,
like the transit of the shadow in the sand,
that you can't touch it, much less have it;
Thus, I saw my sad life fall into an endless ravine.

I saw the hours melt in front of me, in my solitude,
Hope winked at me and walked away.


Bisso Natalie. ( Germany )


Let the stars fall in circles, quit the Universe out of lieu,
Let lavender heat fall instant on planet and imbue!
My Self forever captivated by will and by sweet woo,
Just here dreaming: "Someday I will be with you!"

There is no more nicer feeling! Calm my rebellious soul!
If it is a sin to love so - been long sick you call!
Only hoping for your sight and snow-white your smile,
I licked my wounds with sinful wine let me stupid call.

With my pure soul I love you as you are good soul!
Oh, why did God reward me as life is sinful fall? 
Gifted me your blameless image, playful eyes stall 
I love you like none has ever loved any or all! 

I will atone for all my sins; have sinned here a lot!
The springs will be circling ... I lived with secret hope...
In amazement I will tell the stars about new plot,
That I love you so much as no one has ever loved!


Vanja Paraca
( Belgrade )


Enviable nightsof snow hearing
they read a scream from my palm.
Smoke descends on the old picture,
oblivion betrays me
I can not stay silent.
If we are the only ones
I will kill the soul of minein front of a night bird
and trace powder of black days.
Oh, damn the memory,
you steal the truth from rainy heart on a wide road of false troubles.
I have too little silence in my eye,distance is my last act.


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