Thursday, 24 February 2022


 Micro poem series ....

Poet and author 

Dr. Marija Lazarevic  (Serbia)


blue standing lamp

there is no kerosene

it does not shine

completely blue

the wheel spins

and stands in the dark


red purse

letters on the pillow

every other letter

it's a little red

gift of stripes

deer scarf


bouquet of yellow roses

in a yellow vase

tightened with a bow

leaning against the wall

a message written

by the yellow pencil


on a white tray

white ball

with a string of pearls

a woman in white

look at the man

in a white shirt


in the background green

marbles lined up

in a glass jar

on the box opener

green leaves

above the bench


black mustache

looking at the heel

black high

the sheep watches them

 with longing

in the black eye


purple flame

from a purple torch

burning and scorching

all that is cold

the bells are ringing

in the wind

8 ) 

orange sleeve

waiting to count

requested number

packed verses

in an orange bag



Dr.Marija Lazarevic Born in Loznica , Serbia,

She is a poet and Author , many books has been published , say  "Psychological Games of Politicians", "Invention", "Difficult Stories", "Metaemotions in the age of covid",  "Manifesto of the Soul", "Drugs and Food Treatment for Children with ASD". Associate of the magazine "Orthodox Missionary", "MozaIQ" Mense Serbia, portal As info. Member of the Mensa Scientific Department, member of the Scientific Board of the General Medicine Section of Serbia. Assessor of health institutions in Serbia, psychotherapist in supervision. Author of two projects under the auspices of Mensa Serbia.


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