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August issue 5th part.

সকল কবি এবং পাঠকদের জানাই আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা এবং ভালোবাসা।

                  Welcome to 

  our all poets and readers.


Editor. Nihar Ranjan Das

Siliguri , Darjeeling, 

West Bengal , India.

Editorial and coordinator team 

Madhu Gangopadhyay, 

Bangalore , India .

Mala Chakraborty , 

Kalyani . West Bengal,India .

Smita Gupta Biswas ,

Kolkata, West Bengal , India .

Sujata Ghosh Roy .

Kolkata .West Bengal,  India .

Subrata Roychoudhury 

Siliguri,West Bengal , India  .

Monju Ghosh Choudhury,

Siliguri , west Bengal India .

Sujit Baksi , Siliguri , west Bengal , India .

Sanjita Das laskar, Silchar, Assam , India.

Bilash Ghosh , Hoogli ,west Bengal , India ,

Kakoli Ghosh( moon) , Baharampur , west Bengal , India .


Daniela Marian , Romania.

Gerlinde Staffler, Italy.

Marlene pasini , Maxico .


Editorial ....

Only poem, song, and drama can break the chain and bring a free yard.  Today the whole world is before us in an authoritarian form.  We will break this chain, to walk our path with this vow.

শৃঙ্খল ভেঙে এক মুক্ত উঠোন আনতে পারে কেবল কবিতা , গান , নাটক । আজ সমস্ত পৃথিবী এক স্বৈরাচারী রূপ নিয়ে আমাদের সামনে । এই শৃঙ্খল আমরা ভাঙবো এই ব্রত নিয়ে আমাদের পথ চলা ।



                           ( MEXICO )


Armored by the Rif Mountains 

a fantasy of bluish pearls are your stairs 

its streets and its seductive Kasbah  

Chefchaouen sapphire city 

cheerful charm of its corners 

that give shelter to traveling souls cold 

seasons that collect legends 

lost cats every sunrise 

between a prayer from the Quran  

Wrapped in a caftan of glory 

through its labyrinths the murmur is heard 

of Umayyad stories and Berber shadows 

tears from an Andalusian poem 

in the anonymous voice of a Sufi mystic  

Doors like paintings of a surreal dream 

oracles that the evening fills every moment 

like a stroke of a staff over the moroccan valley  

Saffron flavor 

route of all fragrances 

that time leaves in its wake hermits 

rumbling hearts by the spell of the lute

eternity of paradise 

that remembers the ninety-nine names of Allah.


Danny Boy Bourg

                       ( America )

Knock, knock???

Yes, may I help you, to the nature of this sound upon wood

I hear this and the best of my intentions,  is to answer this good

OK now, I am getting the drift, as if I am deaf, and I just feel the sound

As if there is a person behind the door, asking to be found

What if I were blind, and the rasp upon the door, would it scare?

Even blind I could feel if it was danger, on the other side of there

As does the blind and deaf I have studied, their lives, they live it more real

Because loss of sight and hearing, their instincts  teach them to feel

What if??? Let's  say, I were a leper, back in the days of your son on earth

I too hearing of your son's  arrival,  would call out and be proud to beg in the dirt

Master I would say, you are the one sent from above, I am a sinner, a leper of no worth

I would have cried and thanked my lord and savior, for my healing, my rebirth 

So yeah danny boy here, just remember  God please as my words I roll as coins

Relax Judas I ain't  Jesus, no 30 coins here, no blood plot, this is just a poem

So Alright God, no disrespect,  just wanted to let you know, help me out, you know props?

But just remember  though Father, no pride comes from this pilgrimage, just tear drops

What if dumb, I could not say a word, people would look and laugh at my babble

Why would someone be better because I couldn't talk, what if throat cancer, my saddle

Harness those reigns,  so God I am just thinking for other's

I believe in you as a Father, a healer, and in Jesus, we're all sister and brother's 

So ok I could write a book on this whole concept alone, so to those reading

Have you felt anything yet, we all should share the same love, is this intriguing ?

Because I am writing  this to God for real, even if not on Facebook, he sees it all

So I want him to know my humbleness, my love for him, my reason to call

So yeah, I'm a bayou boy,  so yeah, God??? May I call you daddy, or dad

I am trying to say something to you, like any kinda test I hope the results are glad

Anyway, I am simple, well you know I once was in special ed, that's another story

But you have given me a path to walk, it's hard and narrow, but I see this path is glory

So I started this with a knock, knock, I believe in you God, I'm no Rudolph,  let alone prancer

But I know I have the love in me and lights, that  could heal diseases, even cancer

All I ask of you Father, is don't wake up Jesus in me, if you're not willing to answer


                 Gerlinde Staffler 
                                 ( Italy )

Missing My Sun

Stumbling heart falls over sharp pain

Missing my sun is like being in chain

Mountains so high, looking so grey and wrong

My light, lost in the sky, to you I belong

Sick waterfall bursts through hard rock

Down a sobbing valley, freed from any block

Pouring out in vivid desire to speak 

To the only heart I restlessly seek

I'll follow the scent of heaven in air

Directing my will to find and to dare

To give a surprise to my yearning song 

Quick is the night, the day no more long

Faithful to the promising velvet horizon

I gather my courage in cell and bone

Like gulls I move over an ocean stream

To get peace in the arms of my dream.


                    Marin Rada
                     ( Romania ) 


I think I loved you

one summer

I could see you troubled

with your eyes he saw,

he had secretly loved you

and the wind and the sea,

you carried in your soul

a longing, a burden,

It was like someone was holding you


in a fortress tower

full of mystery,

you had at your feet

all riches

only freedom

It had been stolen from you

and yesterday,

You wanted to run

towards the waves,

you had a thin body,


I caught you in a dream

one summer

I think I love you

and now...


               Erika Luz de Dios
                   ( Argentina )


I only want to live in your JOY


Is there a better place to live?

On the distant horizon heaven and earth meet.

The sea reaches the ocean and they become ONE.

So, I want to be able to JOIN YOU

in this time, in all times

at all times.






Felicia Ana-Maria
( Romania )

I shall only live in half

An open treasure remained in my heart,

The memory of a beautiful and eternal love.

Maybe someday it will be written in the book,

With golden letters seen in our sight.

I was wearing a string of red beads around my neck,

Like my voluptuous, brightly contoured lips. 

That day, my love, you followed in my footsteps,

Under the blue bright sky and the burning sun.

Your eyes and hands were grazing my cleavage,

Like a flash of lightning in a storm. 

Falls of longing were merging on your body,

And two bodies under the moonlight as well.

I will lock away our treasures,

And I will keep it for lonely times. 

Maybe I'll even shed a tear by the window,

I won't ever forget you, because I shall only live in half.


                 Mariana Ierima
                     ( Romania )

Marine echo

He was moaning in the waves

 The clocks of the world were flashing.

 The finesse of the moment dresses me in shawls

 Petals open behind them.

 A whisper speaks to me waving

 The deep looks like the scene of another time.

 The outline of a meandering steam

 It makes me shudder in the season.

 I shut up and listen ... I look out to sea

 Stained glass of love and mother-of-pearl

 Fiery riots I write with pleasure

 Dreaming of the moment when I hold you to my chest.


    Doris Mabel Peña Sepúlveda,                                     Chile.

Heart, rose and thorns

That the love born from the bottom of the soul mattered,

what did the crying in my eyes matter,

that it mattered that with your goodbye you poured my soul into the cracks of the same darkness,

that my suffering poured out in the shadow of the inquisitive night mattered,

the one that got lost in the folds of the moon,

that hid her crying in the middle of a blanket of stars while the breeze covered her with sweetness ...

Heart, rose and thorns pierced by the dagger of pain,

blood flowing through the confines of the body that resists when suffering,

lips drinking the chalice that flows from the eyes,

a sacred poison that slowly kills in every drop that penetrates the pores of the skin ...

Heart, rose and thorns bloody by the pitiful goodbye of a vile who did not know how to love,

and pierced his chest with treachery, shaking the flesh of the unhappy woman who believed in his words of love ...

Heart, rose and thorns,

that mourn the misery of a full moon night idyll in the pampas and plains of lust that unleashed a kiss that the wind carried away to the hidden cemeteries of solitude,

and that rests in an open grave where one day the blackest rose will be born, the forbidden fruit of a lost love ...


                   Milka J. Šolaja
                         ( Serbia )


No, don't ask me

why my eyes

I cry with blue tears ...

Don't ask me to admit it

that it's because of the color of your eyes ...

You are my hope and my dream,

everything I do

with blue paint ...

No, don't ask me

why i love you so much

why my heart

so happy for you ...

Don't ask me anything

because I don't know the answer,

I just know that me

blue distances break ...

Everything is blue

lives in my eye

sky, sea, stone ...

And my love shines

in blue ...

It's blue in the heart

my love flame ...

everything is blue

what exists in me.


                   Chi - Chu Yang 
                       ( Taiwan )

Plastic bags  

Plastic bags, bags of trash,

Are piled up like a hill 

The landfill   

Sits in a deeply-dug basin 


Plenty of plastic bags are dumped there    

In the expectation that they will disappear from the world  

Just like rotten human corpses    

Covered with dust 

Rest in peace, the useless bones!


                    Gloria Sofia 
                      ( Africa )

be romantic

Your voice, my beloved makes song

Your eyes blow sad verses

Your laugh has something fantastic

That shines in every thousand steps

Your lips sink into my mouth water

Your skin, cold blanket that smothers fire in me

I surrender to your breathing that suffocates me

Like someone swimming in a river of jasmine

No my love, it's not being romantic

It's just feeling, the immensity of love

Virgo like the moon, no pain

No my love, it's not being romantic

It's kissing your soul in a dramatic way

Taste world peace and enjoy the taste...


Mirela Minuța Alexa
( Romania )

Floral aromas

I wish, my love,

to be two drops of dew,

of a serene morning.

Have you ever seen,

how are dewdrops courted at dawn?

They roll, hurriedly, towards each other,

trembling, in the desire to merge.

They combine their vim on the eyelash of the day, for a moment,

in a consensual kiss of death,

they are then given to the dust,

in an eternal embrace.

A fascinating prelude to life.

Let me hug your heart,

I'll catch her in my chest forever!

Tell me I'm your only love,

that we will carry, in the palm of our hands,

the light of eternity!

If I end up dreaming,

you look for me beyond the bedroom of the moon.

Destiny is written in our dreams.

Release your dream, love!

Urge him to run to fulfillment!

Doesn't the cry of my heart ring in your eardrums?

My soul is the voluntary prisoner

of a body that seeks you in every ray of light.

All my gestures lead to your lips,

in an insatiable desire to suck their nectar.

You appeared in my way in a spring breeze

and you have taken root in my heart

seduced by the floral aromas.


Mila Ribeiro Machado
( Portugal )

Today ...

Today...I want the sea all to myself

bathe my naked body

On your targets foam sheets

what mermaid ,

enchanting your sailor

Fertilized by your salt kisses

two lovers in sweet reverie


Making of the sand...

Ah! sand... jealous wife

in the face of so much happiness

so much complicity

Yes !

Today I want the sea just for me

delve into its mysteries

Between splashes I'm your calm

Breaking of its troubled waters

In silence, the breeze that caresses

making me melody,

 Poetry without verse,

From this sea...

Of this sea, which today is mine alone....


Melita Mely Ratković
( Serbia )

In the beginning was the Word

 The word was the living God.

 And would Light.

 God gave it to people yes

 covers the Darkness.

 In his unconditional love yes

 Man Thought to learn and progress.

 Soon Thought took over.

 Man and Woman begin

 to ask for more, Anger arose.

 He began to attack a little

 to all the sacred, the Love of which

 are made and the Truth that testifies

 about their existence. Cast anger

 a stone to the Truth, unable to bear his own

  an ugly, crooked, evil face.

 Then the Lie appears, wanting to humiliate her

 he threw another stone, not knowing

 to defend himself, Truth seeks refuge for itself.

 It all looks Cunning, lures her

 to come out of hiding, offering protection.

 Honest, as she was, she believes, made

 mistake and come out. At that moment, they appear

 Pride and Jealousy, now so distraught

 because of his real face, which they could not bear.

 The light covers the Darkness, ashamed of the naked,

 unprotected Truth. Everyone is wondering, where is God, why

 The Creator allows everything to happen before his eyes.

 God is love, he gave us free will. The man is inclined

 to abuse it, he can do whatever he wants for a while,

 but not as long as he wants. Light is stronger than Darkness, Truth will

 go out and show up, when the time comes. Until then, date

 it is our free will to reconsider our actions.


                   Lucia steffens

                        ( Germany )

Where are you ???

Where my beautiful poet flies,

On what paths in the night and you get lost,

And what thoughts are you sinking into again?

I'm waiting for you to write me a verse again.

I look for you every sunny morning,

Don't hide behind the pain again,

Turns love into spring,

And we will live happiness in the summer days ....

I wrote you a letter of lived love,

Maybe you remember me,

You didn't send me your answer

I was hoping to be the flower of love today.

I was looking for you in the wonderful visions,

You are a sad and thoughtful soul beloved,

From the last moments I have every night,

In a dream that always embraces me.

At night I look at you on the full moon,

In your eyes I read the sadness that gathers,

Tears of my longing from afar,

Wishing to be together again.

Wherever you go, a lost soul in dreams

Gather tears and lost glances,

For your divine love, I transform,

In the flock of birds, let me look at you when I fly

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                 End of 5th part 

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