Friday, 27 August 2021

August issue 2021. 3rd part.

সকল কবি এবং পাঠকদের জানাই আন্তরিক শুভেচ্ছা এবং ভালোবাসা।

                  Welcome to 

  our all poets and readers.


Editor. Nihar Ranjan Das

Siliguri , Darjeeling, 

Editorial and coordinators team .......

Madhu Gangopadhyay, 

Bangalore , India .

Mala Chakraborty , 

Kalyani . West Bengal,India .

Smita Gupta Biswas ,

Kolkata, West Bengal , India .

Sujata Ghosh Roy .

Kolkata .West Bengal,  India .

Subrata Roychoudhury 

Siliguri,West Bengal , India  .

Monju Ghosh Choudhury,

Siliguri , west Bengal India .

Sujit Baksi , Siliguri , west Bengal , India .

Sanjita Das laskar, Silchar, Assam , India.

Bilash Ghosh , Hoogli ,west Bengal , India ,

Kakoli Ghosh( moon) , Baharampur , west Bengal , India .

Daniela Marian , Romania.

Gerlinde Staffler, Italy.


Editorial ....

Only poem, song, and drama can break the chain and bring a free yard.  Today the whole world is before us in an authoritarian form.  We will break this chain, to walk our path with this vow.

শৃঙ্খল ভেঙে এক মুক্ত উঠোন আনতে পারে কেবল কবিতা , গান , নাটক । আজ সমস্ত পৃথিবী এক স্বৈরাচারী রূপ নিয়ে আমাদের সামনে । এই শৃঙ্খল আমরা ভাঙবো এই ব্রত নিয়ে আমাদের পথ চলা ।

             Shaswati Chatterjee
                         ( India )

I'm sure 

I'm sure you never count on me,

And nowhere I haunt your dreams,

Still I beg, please, say one thing..

That I am the one who doesn't let you sleep.

Oh please, just for once, can't you tell me a lie?

For God's sake, can't you let me fly?

Though you know that I would never suit this,

Still the last chance.... let's not miss..

I'm sure she's prettier than me,

And keeps you honestly happy,

Never bores you with stories of her tears,

And does what's never done by me....!

Still I insist on for a single lie,

Please speak out before I die,

Few rules are there I'm ready to deny.

May be I can't buy you a leather jacket in next Christmas,

May be like her with you I can't dance;

When the party's on,

In the empty lawn,

I can call you when near or far, there will be no one.

Look! the season of fall arrives,

Rains are playing hide n seek with me,

The shiny clouds so gorgeous over distant peaks,

Now you can speak out while I await thee..........

The yellow leaves...  

Are so inviting!

The evenings are so mild 'n blue,

The misty fields calls for me,

I know how lonely you are in the crowd....

So I beg you, don't you worry our last mistakes, don't ever even you try!

I assure you,

It's high time, when you can utter one lie!


                  Stefan Bohdan
                 ( Florida , USA )


The stars

braille on fire

for the blind to see

heaven’s lyrics

constellations of light

reflected on the face of dark waters deep

the way the heavens above

and the angels of love

surround you


dance around you

in your musical chair of dreams

gazing upon the night

unformed and void

your thoughts your prayers, a symphony of

fire and water, echo

a reflection of your beauty

no poet can serve two muses

the butterfly swallowed by

a little bird, arrayed in golds and blues 

this foreign enchantress, anointed in oils sweet 

has me spellbound

in this world and the other

you are, the song of the stars, you are

God’s beautiful words made flesh 


                   Sameer Goel

Sanctum Sanctorum 

an emotion old, aeons buried in its chest

a saga ancient, an antiquated palimpsest


as if an antediluvian, a spectre of wisdom

beholding mysteries, with words so random


love, an elixir, to infuse life into the dead

love, a venom, a phantasm with its dread


crucified hopes, infinite tales of sacrifice

often a black hole, gulping all in its orifice


love, a tender emotion, oft an intriguing art

raising people circumstantially only to fall apart


a few revelations, others still sanctum sanctorum

people still fall in love, despite this volatile quorum..


 Kakoli Ghosh (Moon Drops)



Throughout the purple night,

breathes our measured, cold distance,

chained in the bond of ignorance.

Thorny twigs of medicated slumber

burns in the fireplace in crispy splutter, 

naked boughs make many a timber.

Old memories scorch and kindle

in the licking flames of prudence,

cinder throbs in the fire of negligence.

Smoky flavour of roasted separation 

keeps the distant moon cozy, warm, 

ashes of pride smoulder, toss and turn.

Nothing remains in a shell absolute,

apathy and indifference so resolute,

tackling rigid loneliness, will dilute.

Through the thorny fence, stern

wild creepers embrace seasons in turn, 

hopes pollinate truth, butterflies return.


Madhu Gangopadhyay
( India )

A Dialogue Between Mars and Earth..

"I am so excited", said Mars.
"Man may make me his home
You may then keep all your stars
As they would in my scarlet garden roam!"
"Come my dear I shall show you how
My children turned my green turf grey
Before you celebrate look here now
Notice how  they abuse and play!
Look at me; my eroded fa pmce,
My charred bosom, my fading grace
Man, my most favourite child,
With knowledge, he has turned wild!
Disrespect is the least to say
His acts are heinous in a way!
I tried to impart values all
My kindness, they fail to recall!
Ragged, destitute they have  rendered me
Look, how prematurely I have aged! Can you see?
I can't help but unleash my wrath
Their insensitivity, those profound scathe!
The pain of a mother whose children don't care,
You won't know my sister, Mars dear!
Thank your stars that you don't have a child
Like me, you shall never be defiled!
May your glory be ever retained,
No man ever your beauty stain!
I will continue my struggle to teach
Sensitize them to be at peace;
Depleting me they jeopardize their state
They should know this at any rate!
I love them, I want them to walk tall!
However insolent, they are my children after all!"
“Oh my sister I shall pray for you,
May your children love you as much as you do.”
               NAMRATA PILLAI
                       ( India )

Rhythm of joy 

She opened the box of joy where her smiles turns to laughter in life..

To relish the fruits of freedom and happiness..

Singing her favourite song she dance along.

Stepping out each expression of her thoughts,surreptitious was it till the time 

Some mystery spelled spreading the fragrance of the mist around.

Some twisted moves were so gracefully praised.

Twinning along with the lyrics of the song she trolled herself was so great.

Showering her beauty on fairy land a fairy.

All the untold feelings were told like fairy tales.

Amazed ...she looked like a goddess of grace.

She is the ray of happiness to be gazed.

Admired her always when she sung and dance on her favourite play.

The mingles and giggles of the play is due to the box of joy she opened and choose to stay..

Life will then turn from cries to smile once we open the box of our passion and dance along with  a rhythm of joy .


Rachana Sood 

                         ( India ) 

they twirl

they twirl

they chime

with wind 

they rhyme

songs of heart

they molodiously sing

in windy weather 

they continuosly ring

their sound informs me

about the mood of weather

their positive sound makes me feel better

at times they dance on 

the sound of raindrops

when they fall 

on the rooftop

it talks with me 

in their own language

wind chimes outside my window.


Seema Sharma 
( India )

An Ode to Poesy

My Muse! Thou art humbly called to sprinkle thy grace

My thoughts find solace in thy embrace

Come over, let me deck you with my words and phrase

I wish to put life in my musings and leave a trace

Thou art my inspiration, I seek your pleasant stay

I beseech you to be here to enthuse my spirits right away

Anxious is my soul, heart is calling thou aloud

Do come and drizzle upon me some wisdom with gentle sound

Here I sit with a welcome note

Having the 'word-garland' I have weaved to put on you around

The windows of my heart and mind remain open wide

Please show my writings the doorway to people's minds

Am in love with the new words and phrases

Do come at my humble call to rekindle my thoughts 

And infuse a sweet taste in my poems and notes

I wish to fill in them the hues of new craze

O Thou, gush a fire with thy generous praise


Carmen Silva

A new day

The evening clock spreads

In the senses eager for peace

And it orders us

The amalgamated thoughts of the day...

The blue of the night soaks our desires

În pastel dreams

And it flutters our imagination

To infinite paintings

Sprinkled with stars of hope

Loading our tired souls...

A new day

Will find us

Willing to new experiences


Aditi Lahiry
( India )


You are  my dream

Like the ray of hope you guide me

You are the source , I look up to for clearing my fog

Like a silver lining ,you come to direct my path

After the rainy days , you show me a beautiful rainbow eventide

For you are my Sunshine

My only hope

For you are the source of radiance, after days soaked in tears

Dear Sunshine , stay beside

Together , holding your hand 

we will enjoy the twilight hues

Bathed in Sunflower hues, we will run on meadows and lawns

The soulful dulcet, will be full of memories of you

Yes, my dear Sunshine.


Tanu Vermani Kapoor

                       ( India )


Moon streams waltzing on my foyer 

Night jasmines fluffed attire 

Crickets mellifluous but an asynchronous choir

Stars scattered on infinite sky deep noir

Enchanted by odes and runes

Cantillated by bewitching moon

He sings to me sagas in tune 

Ones garnered on celestial spells of lune

Never but he offers a hug

I have a feel he is too smug 

Piquant and a mind too bright 

I dance all night in silver light 

Vouching his love is true not frail 

He knocks my window without fail 

Lounged on waves peart or quiet

We have a heart to heart all night

Whistling through my willow tree

Calls…winking it’s our time to be

Or perched on a barren bough

Twilight to first rays of dawn…

I’m soused and draped in silver glow!!!


Swapna Das
( India )


Under a dim, dripping tarpaulin roof,

two tiny eyes are dreaming aloof.

A dreamland full of fun, no sorrow,

no restrictions, no hunger to follow.

But the wings are too weak to fly,

The burden atop is hard to deny.

Tears rolled down from the peeper,

making the vision blur and meager.

The unclad body has nothing to adorn,

The cool breeze gave chill to the bone.

The feeling of extreme thirst and hunger,

suppressing the dream of little younker.

It's making the mind exhaust and numb,

realization surrounds: it's a slum.

To dream big here is unaffordable,

the broken wings are unmendable.

Path to the goal is throny and long,

barefooted one can't reach along.

The insomniac eyes are half closed,

captured the dream unexposed.

When life is in atrocious condition,

there is no place for any ambition.


Kenneth Maswabi
( Bostwana)

This pen

It is not made up of extravagant feelings

Or tumultuous emotions

Oozing from an oversized ego

This pen is sacred to me

Because it is made from nothingness

No solid particles of elementary chemistry

Or broken vessels of biological ligaments

This pen is submerged into the substance of being

Tasting and measuring the conditions inside the heart

When the contours of emptiness are breached

And the fabric of existence is touched

A parody of miraculous events happens

The mind is fine tuned to receive the vibration of Silence

The body is dipped in an unknown form of existence 

The soul is freed from the shackles of physicality

Into the vastness of everlasting realm

This is the condensation of the spirit

Into tiny packets faith, Hope and Love

It is the beauty of spirituality

That is displayed on the canvas of being

This pen speaks about Love, Consciousness and humanity

Not to pinpoint gaps in our curriculum of mindsets

But to open the realm of knowing

And illuminate the Truth

Love is the receptacle

On which we can build our relationships

Consciousness is the fibers and contours of our relationships

Humanity is the perfect cord that binds us together

Faith helps us to understand the realm of the spirit

Hope is the pedestal on which we can dream

This pen is a compass that leads us to ourselves


                     Gabriel S.Weah
                                ( Liberia )


It was a glorious night, our

Parents went for a walk;

We became mom and dad, not

Thinking we were children;

The light is our witness,

As we proceed with words.

She closes her eyes and bow,

Surprisingly, under was a smile.

Her gazing stomach and legs,

Hope me in joy;

The remedy of my articulation,

Is her awesome words.

I beseech the future

My lips diverge in the vow.

Stretching my terrible eyes,

She silently said, "you are my proud".

Her conclusion pulls the light on the apple sign,

And the galaxies dance in joy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                  End of 3rd part