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WEB MAGAZINE. GHORSOWAR. ঘোড়সওয়ার ওয়েব ম্যাগাজিন

        Editor. Nihar Ranjan Das

        Siliguri. Darjeeling. India


           Scott Thomas Outlar
              ( Atlanta, Georgia )

Digging for Bones

Hold this

slipping halo

as a sacrament


to the old gods

of liberty

gone missing


 shine a light on

the symptoms mounting

where plastic idols

are exaggerated

and grossly enshrined

Lick your blade

and carve a sign

in the bark

where bite

meets sap

tames flesh

 for love

if you have

the strength

left in you

or war

if tensions

have already swayed

too far

across distorted lines

dividing the distance


amnesia and trauma

But how well

do you aim?

is the only question

you’ll need answered

at the barn’s hoedown

once all the hay’s strewn

                   ( Romania )


A wing rises in the infinite sky,
slowly it breaks, in the tumultuous clay,
a tear-flower in the eyelash of joy,
another is bitter, in the rain of nostalgia.

A flame vibrates in the purple fire,
another crumbles into a concrete rock,
a jar smells of dreams, on the eyelids of love,
another is embers, in the smoke of no finds.

An echo rises in bold dreams,
another closes in the eye of sorrow,
in a branch is a flower of swarms of goodness,
in another, the night claws lurk.

A Zephyr carols with a thought from the East,
Crivăț hits his lips at sunset,
the tears of the rain disperse the lights,
the fangs of the storm bite into the roots.

The blue whispers gather in a fist,
another collects shards, from hermit pains,
a hurried spring laughs in a slap,
in another the wandering thought weeps bitterly.

Between black and white, gray tones lined up,
the heart rises, with poppies from the plains,
the mist of remembrance floats in silence,
purple rays weave paths of love.

                 CARMEN SILVA
                     ( Romania )

Time for love

The year 2020
It's an easy year to remember,
Hard to forget,
An year in which humanity,
More or less developed
Stopped for a while due to pandemic year..
Then , mankind reset itself
With fear, with restrictions,
With lives turned upside down...
The year 2021
Started on fragile basis
Taking a step forward and
Two steps back,
Stopping all lives,
But mainly the young generation ones
From normal development,
Life becoming increasingly virtual...
În this new world
În which we have to live by new rules,
We need also time for love.
         Dr Patience Chiyangwa

                 ( Zimbabwe )


We have the savvy choice

of being the suave torch

in the darkest echelons

of this lifetime’s flame,

or its fire’s stagnant ashes

blown away into the eyes

of an entire generation


The world is our oyster

if only we can unwind

roll up the sleeves of intention

fix a young girl’s crown

tie a little boy’s shoes

spice up our realities

with feisty flavor for our souls


With life so near and yet so faraway

in the surreal cursed new norm

When the gift of play has fizzled pl out

into avenues confined to the home

Freedom is restless in this dream

Yet courage germinates hope

Because we are bountiful seed.

                        ( India ) 

The  Road To Happiness

In a race , I also stood to compete
The racers had to go through a treacherous path and finally touch the peak
I could see the aggression in every one's eyes
And  here I was a nervous wreck and in my stomach there were butterflies
I saw the racers very focused looking only at the peak
Only I was looking here and there like a student , weak
And as the race started I  took a different road
That led me to a peaceful village with stretches of fields,  broad
I met some girls playing with hand made toys
I played with them for a  while,  revisiting my childhood joys
I went to the village school and mischievously  rang the school bell
The students ran out of their classes in joy and the headmaster yelled
I also met the young lovers in a secluded lane
They were lost in their world of love and did not notice this plain Jane
At the end of the village I saw an old woman with a happy heart
Serene she looked, smiling in peace, sitting next to a cart
She gave me the cart and asked me to fill it with the things that I wanted to do
And be myself, walk my road and follow my heart too
On the finishing line,  everyone proudly displayed their trophies back from the peak
And ridiculed me  with scornful jibes for being a player , weak
Little did they know that with tangible things they had come back
Whereas I  had brought peace and happiness in my invisible sack.
               MILKA J. SOLAJA
            ( Belgrade, Serbia )


You told me it was
just one love right,
unforgettable and inevitable
the theme...
Now I know that's true
that there is no other love.
I'm looking for you in everything
across the starry sky,
in rain clouds...
I feel you in my chest
in restless steps.
I sail through dreams with you
every thought you are...
indelible and beautiful
even though you are not with me.
My heart is yours
when I'm breathing hard on my own,
always with you without you
I write you in verse.
          (The end of 2nd part ) 

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