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    Editor . Nihar Ranjan Das

         Siliguri. Darjeeling. India.
( Africa )

You are

You are what I invent
You're the night in my cold hands
You are time in my eyes
You are the day when I miss you
You are calm and I am fear
You are the dictation and I am the mistake
You are the laugh and I am the laughter
You are afternoon and I'm the waiting
You are the memory dressed in gray
And I am the covered body of the past
I am the cry of waiting and you are
The silent smile
I am the delusion of the future and
you are tomorrow dead
I am the dawn and you are the late
It's you and me without us ever.
                Chen Hsiu - Chen 
                       ( Taiwan )   

Bronze Statue 

competition with mummy
which one would be much more immortal.

The bronze statue compares with mummy
the latter has laid down
the former sustains to stand faintly.

The one provides a soft strength
able to occupy  a position
in the famous museum.

The another is
still unable to find out
a place in history.       

                        ( Peru )


I fear dying
 and it's no secret
I   t-r-y   to  life every second
but flies haunt my space
sacred space
offered to the moon
even so
come back
they don't get too close
they are cautious
but aggressive
they know my wish
desire to live
in every drop
on each sheet
green leaf
white sheet
earth - stone - cloud - stars
bonfire - roots - lungs - salt
I look
and I watch that I turn my face
I do not know yet…
                 Slavka Božović
                  ( Montenegro )

Stay hidden

We met somewhere between illusions and dreams
Where the celestial spindles cut the system
In a whirlwind of magic we reached the moon's roof
Sneaking through the rhymes far away from mine.

We recognize each other where you left off in the middle of your mind
As you lustfully listened to my songs notes
The moment the cunning moon stole our emotions
Splashing us with the tide to the highest elevation.

Remain still hidden among the moon's pupils
I'll keep your composure, I swore to that
My outlines are a solid shield do not give in to change
Follow the melody of my heart, everything is said in it.
       Alicia Minjarez Ramírez
                      ( Mexico )


A longing breeze tries to show itself,
Like nostalgia migrating
Up in the air.
Water permeates my body.
Your breath fills in the context.
Longing secrets that the wind
Shakes up in the offing,
I walk behind upon the moisture
Left by the drops under the branches.
Birds get detached from their nests,
Looking for the promised shelter.
Church bells ring,
Outside the night interrupts.
I long to dry off the rain,
Like those birds besetting park trees
In the evening.
The stillness of your eyes
Invades me…
Ecstatic wings,
Paralyzing their flight
At my silence’s feet.

তবুও বৃষ্টি হয়

অদৃশ্য কোনো হাওয়া দেখা দেয় হাহুতাশে,
তৃষ্ণার আর্তি হয়ে অতীতের আবছায়ারা 
যখন গুমরে গুমরে ফেরে বাতাসে।
তোমার নিঃশ্বাসে পরিপূর্ণ হয় কত গল্পগাথা,
শরীর আমার পান করে নেয় জলের আর্দ্রতা,
টুপ করে ঝরে যায় কত না চুপকথা
কানায় কানায় ভরে ওঠে বিপুল শূন্যতা।
পাতাঝরা বৃষ্টি যা গাছের ছায়ায় ঝরে,
পায়ে পায়ে ছুঁয়ে যাই আমি আলতো ভারে।
নীড় চ্যুত পাখিরা অসহায়,
খুঁজে ফেরে তাদের পরম আশ্রয়;
অবুঝ রাত্রি থেকে থেকে বাধা দেয়, অবক্ষয়ে,
গীর্জার ঘণ্টা তবু বাজে সময়ের তালে লয়ে।
ওই পার্কের গাছে বসা বিকেল পাখিদের মতো
আমিও ঝেড়ে ফেলতে চাই
ভিজে বৃষ্টির ফোঁটা যত,
তোমার হিমশীতল দৃষ্টিতে হয় আহত
আমার হর্ষের ডানা,
আমার নিস্তব্ধতার পায়ে
পাখা ঝাপটে মরে উড়ানের শেষ ঠিকানা।
Translated in Bengali by: 
Kakoli Ghosh (Moon Drops)
          Ana María Manuel Rosa
                     ( Argentina )

Taking steps and leaving solutions

Leaving footprints, I walk through this life today.
The journey is long ... the years increase it,
It depends on how good life is and; how much
Good work go leaving by the side of the road
They will be good tracks that no one will ever erase.
Leaving memorable smiles and keeping in mind that
A smile on your face can climb mountains
Knock down mountains, walls and every oppressive wall,
Mobilize rivers and lakes, flow water from waterfalls
And tame vast and wild seas on the high seas.
Leaving memories of good attitudes because
Actions are worth a thousand beautiful words.
Leaving hard-hitting solutions to problems
Trampling efficiently extinguishing them is
The most efficient because the bad is not a solution.
Leaving clear solutions without hurting anyone;
Always fighting for the truth to prevail
Remembering that there are solutions to any possible
Problem… is generated unexpectedly or unforeseen.
Taking steps and leaving solutions is the only way!


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