Monday, 26 July 2021


        Editor. Nihar Ranjan Das

        Siliguri. Darjeeling. India


                    Sanchita Das 

( An article on present situation of students )



The world is closed. The places that were remained crowded with people now look haunted. Restrictions on daily movements, school closures, travel bans, prohibition on public gatherings, all these are the consequences of the pandemic. The way the world has reacted to prevent a disease is unprecedented.  However, do we see the end of it? When are we going to lead a normal life again? There has not been any answer to these questions.  

The covid-19 outbreak has created an impact on the global scale. It has produced widespread disruption to schooling and other educational institutions as well, thus bringing up the entire new revolution of online education. Education was among the first few sectors that faced rapid shutdown of all its activities. Hence, the student community has been drastically affected by this pandemic situation. However, restricting schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to reopen physically was an inevitable step to battle against covid-19.  

Suspension to face to face interactions in all the institutions during the pandemic has led to concern about consequences for students learning. To cure its spread government around the world have moved to suspend face-to-face teaching in all the educational intuitions affecting some 95% of the world’s student population.

 The largest breakdown was in the educational field ever. The world has been accustomed to the traditional education system and the economic progress that the world has been making in the last few decades has been greatly affected by the situation. Over a while, naturally, some changes have taken place in the education system due to the modernization process. But the changes that have taken place due to covid-19 have almost completely disrupted the older system of education. The present world is in the throes of catastrophe, the effects of which will be passed on from generation to generation, the potential of mankind may be destroyed.  

This is the first time in human history that the education system has suffered such a major blow. In the past those regions and countries where other viruses affected a huge population, that region or countries were devastated in all the areas of education and economy. They have witnessed death of millions of people. But the other countries of the world have extended a helping hand to those countries or subcontinents. That is why they were able to overcome the worst effects and return to normalcy quickly. But in this case, never before has there been such a big blow on earth. So, while the world itself is growing in the agony of death, we have to stand firm in a new spirit with a strong morale. 

At one time, the classroom was the main center for the physical presence and expressions of thoughts and feelings of teacher and student. But now in this terrible crisis of the pandemic, there has been a complete change in the nature and thinking of people. At a time when some unprecedented ideas for the convenience of information technology, have emerged, even amidst the massive damage to the education system new strategies, have been developed to keep the education system working. This is no way to deny the radical change that has taken place in the traditional system of education. 

The current world has created untapped and endless possibilities for teachers and students to use information technology. However, all kinds of educational institutions around the world are closed indefinitely. But with the modernization of the technology, educational activities are being conducted somehow successfully in all around the world. We have been able to keep the educational activities going by making maximum use of technology. As we all are victims of the outbreak of covid-19, as an academician, am also in a dilemma regarding which is the better method for the student; the traditional classroom interactions or the online classroom lectures. I somehow believe that, whatever may be the situation, classroom interactions and face to face teaching-learning methods were much more interesting for both teachers as well as students. 

“I am pallab Biswas, student of 6th-semester sociology, Surya Sen College. For me, this online mode of education is just an easy way of study for some students who do not wish to acquire quality knowledge, rather interested in securing more marks in the examinations through open-book exams. However, this is not tolerated by the students who work hard day in and day out to secure marks and gain proper knowledge. The good side of such a mode of education is that it encourages digital learning in India. Our previous generations had a misconception that nothing good can be derived out of cellular gadgets but this pandemic situation has proved them wrong. However, overusing phones for gaming and social media can cause an adverse effect. This covid-19 pandemic has changed the whole world and has made technology an inseparable part of our lives. In my opinion, this has both a positive and negative impact. ” 

"As a student, I can say that the covid-19 pandemic has severely affected a student's life. At present, the entire teaching-learning process is conducted online. However, it gets difficult for a student from an economically weaker section to afford phones or computers. Hence their education is in deep crisis today."  Avrojit Sinha, student of 2nd semester, Sociology Hons, Suryasen College. Siliguri.

“Blending into the new normal was a thorough process. All we could do was having immense faith in it.  Being a student, I stand empathetic towards all other fellow students. Normalizing the concept of online education, online examination and online utilization was a task indeed. However, apart from drastically changing the scenario academically, this pandemic has left no stones unturned in creating inconvenience for the students who are about to apply for placements. The unemployment rate has increased which has created an adverse effect on the aspirants. Having to manage studies and deal with the constant stress of deciding the right goals for the future has done nothing but muddle up the already disturbed. The career options that seemed fruitful before no longer prove lucrative considering the present scenario. Although these crises may not get portrayed as awfully severe, their impact on the mind of a student is harsh. Regardless of the hardships, we are still working day in and day out to make things fall at places. Our faith shall still prevail.” Mahek Dhar, class xii, science, Don Bosco Mumbai. Mharashtra.



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